Saturday, June 10, 2006

Shop Matters

When we moved in, we pretty much just stuck all of the tools in the shop, figuring we'd organize it later. Well, it's been two years and we've got the house fairly liveable so I guess now is later.

My first project is a work table. Recently, I had the privilege of getting to work with some real cabinet makers, and I really like the work tables in their shop. I mentioned that would be my next project and Rick told me that I should consider leaving a one and one half inch lip around the top to clamp things. So, I framed up this table today. It's on casters so I can roll it into place and lock them down.

Tomorrow, my friend Bill is going to take me to get a sheet of plywood for the top. (remember, click on the pictures to make them bigger...)

table sans top

And, after the plywood is delivered, the table with top...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Floor Nailer - The Circle Is Complete

When I started looking for a floor nailer last year to do the tongue and groove flooring in my house, I checked the tool websites and got the prices for new -- wow!

So, I went to eBay to look at used ones. I found the Porter Cable nailer listed several times on eBay, one of the more common ones, and decided to do my due diligence and research what folks thought of it. I've been happy with the brad nailer I bought from Porter Cable, and this floor nailer got good reviews too. So, I was going to go back and do the "buy it now" on the $400 version. Except that during my research I found Coastal Tool dot com who had it for sale at $380. So, I figure I would email the seller on eBay, inform him that you can get them brand new for $380 and see if he would take less.

But before I could get back, it had sold. A quick search of completed items revealed that more than eight of them had sold in the last couple of weeks for $400 or more.

I ordered the nailer from Coastal Tool. It arrived several days later, as promised, worked beautifully, and we proceeded to install our entire house in 3/4" heart pine floor over a period of several months. (we had to tear out the old floor first.)

So, having completed the floor, I put my nailer out on eBay. And, within a few days I had an email from a potential buyer telling me that you can buy them brand new for $380 and offering me $300. I got another offer for $330 a day later. I said thanks but no thanks to both of them and watched. And, lo and behold, it sold today for $395.00. Of course, I threw in all the leftover nails I had to sweeten the deal.

I hope the guy that bought it from me does the same thing when he's done with it! Just don't take any low-ball offers, dude.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Craft Room Floor

Not much new to show, but the little bride put new floor down in her craft room. I think it turned out pretty good for twenty-five cents a square foot...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Book Case

I know that we've not updated in quite some time. Friends have pointed this out to me. Well, the one that checks up on this mess, anyway.

Truth is, we took the winter off, and now that it's warmer and staying light longer, we are looking at starting a few projects. The first one, since I think November, is this bookcase. I started it last Tuesday night, cut out the shelves and routered the edges, and got the basic form put together.

Trimmed it out and started painting it on Saturday. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about getting the crown molding right, but am very pleased with how it turned out.

Finished painting it today. It's ready to install in my office.