Saturday, June 10, 2006

Shop Matters

When we moved in, we pretty much just stuck all of the tools in the shop, figuring we'd organize it later. Well, it's been two years and we've got the house fairly liveable so I guess now is later.

My first project is a work table. Recently, I had the privilege of getting to work with some real cabinet makers, and I really like the work tables in their shop. I mentioned that would be my next project and Rick told me that I should consider leaving a one and one half inch lip around the top to clamp things. So, I framed up this table today. It's on casters so I can roll it into place and lock them down.

Tomorrow, my friend Bill is going to take me to get a sheet of plywood for the top. (remember, click on the pictures to make them bigger...)

table sans top

And, after the plywood is delivered, the table with top...