Saturday, May 14, 2011


God, I love the smell of a paint store. I find painting to be relaxing, and nothing is more relaxed than a paint store. Think about it.

What kinds of deadlines can a paint store have? Seventy percent of your customers are drunks (remember the rule of "p's", any trade that starts with "p" are all drunks...) and are the types of people that enjoy, well, watching paint dry. That's what I'm doing now. Watching paint dry. Paint that came from the paint store.

God, I love the smell of a paint store.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Screen Door

The Bride has been wanting an old fashioned screen door on the back door for some time now and I just kept putting it off. But with the weather so nice and my own urges to leave the doors open kicking into high gear, the time became now.

I had to fur in the opening a little to make a standard width door work, but that all went smoothly and the door fit perfectly without any trimming so...

"You don't have to slam the screen door behind you every time you go in or out!" I hear my mother's voice echoing through my Bride... The sound brings back a flood of memories of summer days spent barefoot, the soft, hot tar on the streets burning our soles as we skipped across to check the mail box. Nights of catching lightening bugs and the slap of the screen door every time we went in or out... so, yeah sweetie, I do have to slam it.