Sunday, November 06, 2005

Laundry Room Floor

We finally got around to yanking out the floor in the laundry room. Kind of a necessity to keep the flow of the kitchen from looking too chopped up. At this point we have drawn the line (literally) at the area under the washer and dryer and in the little half bath. They will stay vinyl roll flooring for the time being.

We started out Saturday morning, pulled all the baseboards and started cutting the edges with the Crane toe-kick saw. I'm getting pretty good with this thing and it's not nearly as intimidating as it once was. What a lifesaver...

We had already cut a chunk at the doorway to fit the last board from the kitchen into the treshold. There's a pocket door between the two rooms.

Got everything stripped and pried up down to the sub floor and swept in preparation for the construction felt and new floor.

Layed the new floor...

...and re-installed the baseboards and trim.

I need to put in a new threshold under the back door and a couple of binder strips of oak at the transitions and then it will be complete.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! When ya gonna do something else interesting? You know, like wash dishes?