Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bench Part II

So, the next thing I needed to do on the bench is install the tool tray and the bread board ends. I sawed down about 3/4" and chiseled out a rabbet around the ends.

Then I chopped out, (what do you call it?), a mortise to fit on the ends,

cut a dado and fit the bottom of the tool tray to the left side board. No glue, just friction to hold it. At this point I have the end boards temporarily screwed into the bench so I can get accurate measurements. Of course that didn't mean that I cut it correctly on the first try, but at least it was long and I could trim it down instead of the other way around.

Each of the end pieces and the tool tray are pegged in place with octagonal cut oak pegs.

Then I cut the ramps and fitted them into the ends of the tool tray.

Finis (except for the vises - stay tuned.)

(remember you can click the pics and make 'em bigger if you want to...)

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