Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kitchen Demolition July 30

We finished removing the cabinets from the kitchen leaving only the ones on the wall. As you can see, there are three four different types of floor in the one area. This is apparently the evidence left from a previous renovation in the 1970's when a bedroom wall was moved to enlarge the kitchen.

The little bride was kind of fond of a drawer in one run of cabinets that houses the trash can. The only way we could figure out how to salvage it was to cut it off the end of the cabinets with my Sawsall and spin it into place at the end of the sink run.

Of course this complicates things a bit, but I think I can reface the entire run with quarter inch luan and put all the doors and drawers back on and it will look okay. She plans to paint everything anyway.

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