Sunday, July 31, 2005

Past Project II

Since the previous owners included the back patio when they built and enclosed the den, there was no back door when we acquired the house. A window that had been originally in a bedroom, now in the dining room was in the West wall. A reciprocating saw, busted bricks, and a couple of trips to the home center and the window was now a back door.

Of course, that posed its own problem in that now the back door was three feet above the ground.
So, I bought treated lumber and built a back porch. The little bride indicated that she'd like to have shelves on the railings wide enough to sit flower pots on, so I accommodated her. I didn't know that she would hang outriggers on the shelves to put hanging pots on. This has caused the shelves to wrack and I'll have to deal with that - probably sooner than later...

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