Friday, July 29, 2005

Women Like Cute Things

The little bride came home from the home center the other night and brought me a new Shop Vac. Mind you, I already have a big Shop Vac and use it quite regularly. But this one is really small.

"Look how cute it is," she gushed.

Well, she got to try it out today on the dust and crumbles I'm leaving from floating the drywall.

"It works great," she said, "has a lot of suction for its size."

I think she just likes it because it's cute.

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Patricia W said...

I have one just like it. My husband bought it for me about 9 years ago. I didn't like the way the hose attached to the body because it had to slide into a notch and then the top is placed down on it, maybe they have updated it by now. He bought it because it was easy to carry around even after it is full of liquid. I have used it many times.