Saturday, August 06, 2005

Happy Feet

One thing that has plagued me for years is being nearly crippled after spending the day on my feet working on the house. I would limp for days. Then, one day, I was at Wal Mart and stopped to look at the shoes to see if there were some cheap "throwaways" I could use for painting and saw the TredSafe line of shoes.

Made specifically for the food industry, they are designed for comfort during long periods on one's feet on hard floors. And the bonus is that they are slip resistant.

So, at $20, roughly, I bought a pair.

These things are comfortable! They're real leather, have excellent padding and breath well. They fit great and my feet feel fine when I'm done.

I've been wearing them for several months now for my work projects and even wear them mowing the lawn. Yeah, they're a little cheesy only coming in black, but this has been a Godsend for my feet.

My understanding is that they are only available at Wal Mart, but it's worth a trip down there to get a pair.


Patricia W said...

I wonder if they sell these in sizes that would also fit women with smaller feet. I'll check it out and thank you for sharing this. After 2 weeks working in my new house I thought my feet were going to fall off; I got to where I was tip-toeing around to keep from putting weight on my heels. I finally found a pair of $4 thick-soled flip flops at Family Dollar. They proved to be such a comfort I bought three more pairs so that I could throw them away as I wear them out. With the cold weather coming up I won't want flip-flops for too much longer and will be looking for something to keep my feet warm and comfortable :)

The McCords' said...

CROCS...these are the MOST supportive, comfortable, lightweight...oh-my-goodness.
They only cost @ $30. really, check them out!